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All games have rules. Players at ALC Everett have agreed to abide by the following rules. 

How to play:

Any player can make up a rule at any time by placing a rule note on the Change Up board. All rules start as an Awareness, it then moves on to the Try Hard phase where it is tested out. If it is accepted it moves to Practice, after that it is considered Mastered. Once a week we reflect on these rules in our “change up” meeting.

Ready to propose a rule?

Add a Rule

Once a rule is mastered it is added to as a rule on the site via the Rules menu.



Bedroom Area Off Limits

March 11, 2015

People who do not live in the home school should not enter the bedroom area, which is beyond the door near the stairs to the pool room and game room. Read more


Mastered Rules

No Non-Educational TV in the Main Room

February 22, 2015

The TV in the main room will be prioritized for educational display online. Read more

Record Personal Intentions on Kanban

February 22, 2015

All players will record personal intentions, quests, and tasks on their Kanban. Read more