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Quests are the things that need to get done. They can be small or large, long or short. They can be a one time thing or be available at all times.

Any player can create a quest! Non-players, like parents, coaches, friends, and family can add quests too.

To claim a quest comment on it! Beware, if you claim a quest and don’t follow through someone else might claim it and finish it before you.

Quests should have a physical representation on the Kanban board.

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New Quests

Grow Peas March 13, 2015

Grow two varieties of peas on the school property. Read more

Make Youtube Channel March 11, 2015

Create a Youtube Channel for the group to post videos on. Read more

Build Compost Bin February 22, 2015

Through our work with Permaculture we will build a composting site on the school property Read more

Add/Resize Pictures of Stickies on Website February 22, 2015

Make the site beautiful by adding pictures to Quest, Rule, and Duty posts! Choose to take pictures, resize them, give them captions, or upload them. Read more

Hang up Kanban February 22, 2015

The group Kanban has been redesigned and needs to be hanging on the wall. Due: [types field=”target-date” style=”text” format=”F j, Y”][/types]   Read more

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