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All activities available to students begin as offerings. Each student is given the ability to offer classes/courses/opportunities at ALC Everett.

We expect value to be created not only by parents, community members, and facilitators but also by the students.

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What we did this year

This post is part of the 2015 ALC Everett #debrief September 3, 2014 our first day School started in ernest around the first week of september. I had just driven across the US and met the family for the first time just a few days before. Everyone was really excited to get started. We were about to start …

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Quick, Pickling!

Katie came by today and taught us some knife skills then showed us how to quick pickle. If you’d like a better explanation that I can muster, head over to Katie’s cool homesteading website, ie & y (ieandy.com) and download the PDF worksheet. You’ll be making one jar with these instructions, here’s what you need: A …

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