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Afternoon Meeting

This post is part of a series on Agile Learning Center tools and 2015 ALC Everett #debrief

Within our daily cycle the Afternoon Meeting closes the day. It is where we reflect on the intentions set in the morning meeting. The act of reflection is as important as setting intentions because it allows us to measure our success or failure to achieve what we set out to do so we can adjust our next cycle of intentions. The afternoon meeting, like it’s morning counterpart were the only required daily meetings in ALC Everett.

The ALC Everett afternoon has gone through a series of upgrades. In it’s early form we would meet at 5pm, our end of day, after cleaning up the space. With our kanbans out we would reflect on the intentions we completed and didn’t get done. We would move items from the Group Kanban to done or back into ready. After we reflected on our intentions we would move to a candle ceremony adapted from the NYC ALC.

Our afternoon reflection, check out my dad second to the left!
Our afternoon reflection candle ceremony

The candle ceremony or “Gratitudes Ceremony” was a ritual where we would light a candle and take turns reflecting on things we were grateful for that day.

On Fridays we would set aside time to blog about our week, as per the student agreement requirement:

> Sharing of your work and play through weekly creative and reflective blog posts

Upgrade to daily blogging

Through our Change Up Meeting we decided to implement a daily blogging routine. We would start blogging around 4pm then start clean up at 4:30 and move into end of day meeting at 5. After a few cycles of this we decided to change the whole process around. It made more sense to reflect first then write about those reflections in our blogs.

We upgraded the process to come together at 4pm for a reflective meeting where we would look over our kanbans, reflect as a group, then enter into focused blogging time.

After we finished blogging we would then clean and do the candle ceremony to end the day. Later, through another change up, we implemented a rule to stop blogging at 5pm.

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