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This week 10/20 – 10/24

this week our friends Will and Duncan who were visiting from California and Tarka hes Tarka! were at school


.paint table

.comp science

.Cthulhu gloom


.1 point perspective drawing

.KanBans -Drew


.prepare egg drop

.Geo Guesser

.plan scary alien movie

.egg drop

.art -drew


.take garbage out

.crash course / last week tonight


.student agreement



.3d modeling

.web dev

.Dev skill tree

.smash tournament


.game theory

.Web Dev

.setup alien game for will

.3d printer

.html -stevie

.scary movie alien movie ( 4th kind)

.egg drop! (jackie tommie lost)

.egg drop blog -drew

.3d model -jackie

.League Of Legends -Tarka

.drawing -jurr

.html -ethan

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