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Printeer Users Group

Here is the link for the Printeer Users Group. You can go there to find out how to connect to the 3D printer.


[Update 10.24]

First time setup and other documentation for Printeer is available here:
The last step is filament load using the Printeer app.   To change filament without the app, you’ll need to use a host control program like Pronterface or Reptier.
Repetier only asks for a donation, it does not require money to use — the download link is (currently):
Pronterface has binaries available here:


  1. Michael says:

    In the discussion on the PUG, you will find links to the start-up instructions and how to connect to the Printeer over the WiFi. Now that we have these instructions, everything seems pretty straightforward to me. I suggest we use the Repetier software, because it seems more user friendly. Nick’s laptop is currently dead in the water, so I hope someone will allow the software to be loaded to their computer until I can get Nick’s working.



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