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First Parents Meeting (and potluck!)

Today marks the end of our third week, it also marks the end of our “beta” period. Today, for the first time, all the parents came together for a potluck and stayed for a meeting. We covered a number of topics and get set on creating our structure moving forward.

One of the major structural outcomes was transitioning to a 4 day school week! Moving forward we will hold space for ALC Everett Tuesday through Friday 10:00 to 5:00pm.

Upcoming Meetings

We decided to host a potluck ever two week on Friday, so the next potluck/meeting will be October 10th.

The parents (and students) are also invited to a discussion about the new student pipeline, how we add people to the school. Which will be this coming Tuesday, 9/23 @ 5:30pm after closing.


Holding Coherence

That parents and I have taken on a number of responsibilities, we call this holding coherence. It’s the responsibility of a coherence holder to make sure they know what’s going on with a certain task or project.

School e-mail list and text loop

I’ve created an e-mail list for parents so we can have private discussions over e-mail. Our public discussions will appear on our ALC Group Forum. I’ve also made a cell loop through a service called Celly, which allows us to text a number and have it send that message to all members of the text loop.

Expanding the mind map

Mike brought in a great mind map which outlined his thoughts on the school as an organization. After he presented it the group offered some additions which he will add over the next two weeks.

School Agreements

Kelley has taken on the task of outlining the school agreements.

Maker Space in the Garage

The students have had their eyes set on the Sterling’s garage as a space where we could have a maker space (we are getting a 3D printer soon and need a place to put it!). The Sterling’s have agreed to outline the parameters for the use of the garage and the rest of the parents have agreed to help the students clean out the space.

Creation of a shared calendar

I have created a shared calendar that all students and parents now have access to. It can be found on this website on the calendar page.

School food area

In an effort to make it more clear what food is available for students we will be providing dedicated shelving for the school where community procured food will live. Lisa has taken on the responsibility to figure the logistics of this out.

Write a Vision and Mission Statement

Everyone has agreed to work with their children to come up with a vision and mission statement for the ALC Everett school. We will bring out vision/mission statements to the next potluck (Oct 3rd) and review them with the group at which point we will resolve any conflicts and modify our drafts to a point where everyone feels good about them. Then, between that meeting and the next, someone will step up and take all these documents and combine them into a single vision and mission which we will then review at the October 17th Potluck.


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