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Egg Drop Challenge

Today we built containers to protect eggs from a drop.

We had three teams of two:

Alpha Bulbasaur One


They created one of the most unique crafts to carry their egg named U.S.S. Normandy.

Team No


Using elastic bands and a plastic bag parachute to slow the decent the Elastic Gyroscopic Parachute Test Unit # 42 faired quite well. Read more about Jurr’s thoughts on his blog post

Slothish Manatees



Using a box full of fluff, named XXcatXX360, this team managed to protect their egg up to 7.1 meters (as far as we could drop it up till now).

All three teams were allowed complete creative freedom, the only restrictions were that the egg had to be removed after each drop for inspection. Material and technique were up to each team. (Sadly no gif of the Normandy)


eggdrop_box eggdrop_parachute

Next Steps

Team NO and Slothish-Manatees completed the 7.1 meter drop and will move on to the next round, once we find a place where we can drop things from a greater distance.

See the thrilling conclusion here

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