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Created Duct Tape Wallets Today

Today some of us made duck tape wallets.

I started the lesson off with some knife and blade safety, I based my lesson off the Boy Scout rules:

  1. Always establish a safety circle. Place the closed knife in your hand and then extend your arm. Move your arm around you. If another person is within reach, move to a new location and try again to establish a safety circle.
  2. Properly hand off the knife. Never throw a pocket knife. Also be careful not to drop the knife. The proper hand-off procedure is to place the closed knife in your hand and offer it to other person. Only let go of the knife after the other person has #1 established a firm grip on the knife and #2 said thank you. The thank you indicates that the other person is now taking responsibility for the knife.
  3. Keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is safer because it is less likely to slip and cut you.

We then follow the directions from a Wiki How Article.

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