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Our First Week

Well it’s been a great first week and a week of firsts. My first week as an Agile Learning Facilitator, an educator, and a guest in the Sterling’s house. The first week of Agile Learning ever on the west coast. First sticky notes moved from doing to complete.


Here are some of the highlights of things we were able to move over to the done column: Play Geo-Guesser, Cook zucchini bread, Mind mapped Web development business, do the 7 Min workout, Costume Brain storm, Intro D&D.


For a first week (that started on Tuesday) I think we kicked some major butt! We’ve been getting into the swing of things, having our morning intention setting meetings on time and wrapping up the day with reflections by candle light. I’m really excited to see where the students take this experiment in alternative education.

Our afternoon reflection, check out my dad second to the left!
Our afternoon reflection, check out my dad second to the left!

You can see a full list of the sticky notes we moved to the done column after the jump here, 


Finding the right hat for facilitation wasn't easy...
Finding the right hat for facilitation wasn’t easy…
Walk to park 1:30
ALC website tour
What supplies do we need?
Is Kanban going to serve our needs?
Make Kanban
Facilitator Hats


Go Shopping
Get new stickies
Class activity done
Research zucchini bread recipe
N64 working
Got Stephanie computer working
Email Ryan about candles for Nick and Drew
Brain Storm Maker Space
Frisbee in park


Cook zucchini bread
Mine craft server – Stevie
Taught Ethan SSB
Park after Philosophy
Intro R&D
Became a little more awesome
Mind mapped Web development business
Money making talk


7 Min workout
Geo Guessed
Made quesidillas
Played Binding of Isaac
Ethan’s Pro/Con list
Costume Brain storm
R&D character creation

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