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Crazy Entrepreneurial Ideas!

Mike, one of the fathers, facilitated a discussion and brain storming session around business ideas we could use to make money. The day before we brain stormed classes, activities, and field trips we want to take and much of what we want to do will require some capital investment (maker space, trip to the zoo, etc.). We hope to make the school financially sustainable by raising our own funds rather than relying only on donations or having to charge high tuition.

We settled on web design. It seems like the smart fit seeing how I am a web developer with nearly 10 years of experience and the boys are all very much into computers. Plus Everett is full of small businesses that could use some major help on their web presence.

paper with marker drawn mind map. Words with idea branches coming off.
Web Development business mind mapping

You can see the genius, wild, and (sometimes) crazy ideas we came up with below:

(The letter at the end is how we rated each idea upon reflection)
– Dog walking B
– Busking in Seattle C
– Make and Sell Chocolate B
– T-Shirts (screen printing) A+
– Chores for neighbors B

– Theater Night (concession) A+
– Bake Sales A
– Foam weapon making (Larping) B
– Home made slushies syrup. C
– Host pine wood derby race B
– Crowd Funding A
– Pro LoL team C
– Dog petting zoo C
– Pillow making C
– Grow and sell bugs (crickets) A+
– “candy” meth (candy drugs) C
– Worm farm (for gardening) A
– Seed Starts A
– D&D hosting B
– Movie Night A+
– Party Hosting / planning A
– Workshops A
– Costume making B+
– Silent auctions C
– buy and sell junk (from estate sales, etc.) A
– Sell old people’s treasures (organize estate sales) A+
– Make stickers B
– Invent stuff (sticky notes x 2.1) A
– Make art and sell it B
– Kid lead ghost tours C
– Arts workshops B
– Rent computers B
– Build and sell computers A
– pumpkin selling B
– Selling garden produce A
– Selling Apps A+
– Magic shows C
– Leveling up LoL accounts / elo boosting C
– Click farm B
– Game tutorials B
– Host game tournaments A
– Pool Parties A+
– Webinars A
– YouTube videos (with ads) B
– Open House C
– TV show C
– Radio show / podcast A
– Build websites A+
– Graphic Design A
– Social Media B
– Cutting people’s hair C
– Hair portraits C
– Voodoo Dolls B
– Sell virtual items B
– Sell LoL accounts C
– Thrift shops treasure B
– Manatee education classes M
– Raise awareness for ALC A+
– Breed and sell animals / eggs A
– Auction C
– Lemon-aid Stand C
– Car wash B
– Make slang words popular B
– Invent new flavors C
– Make puppets B
– puppet shows B
– Personal Chef B
– Sell blood plasma B
– Spa A
– Hat making A
– Daycare (babysitting) A
– Knitting / sewing B
– 3d printer vending machine A+
– 3d printer portraits A
– make video game A
– Back breaking manual labor B
– group therapy (gaming addictions) A
– personal game trainer A
– Twitch Streaming A
– Wood working B
– Arts and crafts B
– Computer repair and training A
– Shoe shine B
– flashmobs C
– Painting (houses, fences, etc.) B
– Catch and sell fish B
– aquaponics A
– Be yes men C
– Secular Confessions C
– Concession stand A
– Light art C
– Book/Comic/Manga making B
– Local news website and paper B
– Berry picking A
– Build air planes C
– Kanban workshop A+
– Fix cars A
– Raffle B
– Start a religion A (RNGesus)
– Start a new age thingy B
– 3D printing classes B
– Animal nursing / daycare A
– Carving ice C

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